Paige Wyatt likes to be upside down.  If she isn’t upside down she’s thinking about being upside down.  She’s been handstanding longer than she’s been able to read and write.  She was a gymnast and Spring Board Diver in her youth.  Her 20’s took her on a journey through the extreme sports world which landed her firmly in the Yoga and Circus Arts.  She now teaches and performs Vertical Rope, Aerial Cube, Handbalancing and clowning in Santa Cruz, CA and around the country.  She co-creates circus shows and her current production, The Love Potion will be on tour in California and nearby states through 2012 & 2013.

Paige is a teacher of many movement modalities.  Being a Yoga Insructor and an Acrobat she found herself in an AcroYoga teacher training.  The fusion of Yoga and Acrobatics is a dynamic and ever changing art.  Her love of all things challenging brought Slackline Yoga into her life.  She became one of the original 7 Yogaslackers, helping to shape the art of teaching and practicing Slackline Yoga.  When Aerial Acrobatics made its way into Paige’s life she was fortunate enough to have two fantastic Aerial teachers from the National Circus
School in Montreal.  Kevin O’Connor and Terry Crane, two of the most talented Vertical Rope artists in the world were her first teachers.

Paige has developed her own Aerial program specializing in Vertical Rope and Aerial Yoga.  She teaches students of all ages and all ability levels.  She teaches workshops around the country at festivals and Circus Schools and Yoga Studios.  She absolutely loves teaching and performing.  She works to inspire others to reach beyond what they think they can do and find that they can fly!